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The Great Western Expansion Photo Recap

Posted on September 8, 2012

For the third time in three years, I recently traveled westward to Los Angeles traversing the entire width of the country beginning in Philadelphia. This particular trip was a bit different in that there was no planned return to the East Coast so my approach to living in LA has been considerably different. That being said, the trip itself is always incredible and as I am becoming a seasoned veteran of the great American road trip, I’m beginning to learn which parts have the most interesting stops along the way. I’ve stopped at the same Whole Foods in Oklahoma City three years in a row. I’ve stopped at the same Cracker Barrel near Flagstaff for two years as I have with the same gas station somewhere in rural New Mexico. It’s funny how things become habit over time, though when you drive the same route in the same car you’re bound to need gas at the same point along the same stretch of highway.

There’s something haunting about Route 66. Once you pass Oklahoma City everything gets just a bit stranger and if you do it right and pull into Amarillo, TX. just after sunset, you’re in for a treat of ghost towns and abandoned communities the next day dotting the highway. Once bustling pitstops are now shells of the decaying American road trip, once a past time and now a penance. It takes days; the whole trip, if done how I typically do it, takes 5 days with a major break in the middle to visit some family in St. Louis. It takes patience and time but once you get through Oklahoma (arguably the least interesting part of the trip, no offense Oklahomans) the landscape shifts and you’re suddenly somewhere in the gorgeous, golden, lonesome wild west. Here’s a few images from the trip covering all ten states we traversed along our way. Click here or below to see the entire photo set.

Los Angeles: We’re Here!

Posted on August 24, 2012

[vimeo https://vimeo.com/48145890 w=1000&h=600]

We finally made it to Los Angeles after an appropriately meandering trip through the middle and southwest of the USA. We’re super excited to get out and see all of the new shops, creatives, and companies we’re about to be exposed to and thanks for following along on the journey; from here it continues.

In Support Of Portable’s “Curator’s Conference”

Posted on August 16, 2012

Portable (one of the most important online curator’s of video pertaining to the arts, culture, fashion, and more) has announced their “Curator’s Conference” in New York City on September 5th, 2012 and we couldn’t be more excited to be in attendance. I’m no conventioneer, I’ve never been to a conference before, but something tells me this is going to be a little different than your typical workweek “vacation”. It’s a one day event held in the Walter Reade Theatre at the Lincoln Center featuring nine thought leaders from within the creative industry ranging from filmmakers to thought provokers all with one thing in common: presenting highly curated content. Here’s Portable’s official release about the event:

The Curators Conference is a day long event featuring the leading international curators and creators of culture across fashion, film, design, music and technology. Debuting at New York Fashion Week, the Curators Conference features the presentations, ideas and conversations of thought leaders who are at the forefront of their respective industries.

The event is catered to creative professionals, with the format exploring the many worlds where curation and creativity intersect with modern culture. We offer a diverse range of speakers—from digital strategists to music video directors—and focus on generating ideas, conversations and emerging trends. Portable hopes these exciting events will inspire audiences, foster industry innovation and promote risk taking within creative disciplines.

The Curators Conference takes place on September 5th, 2012 at the Walter Reade Theatre, Lincoln Center and is the first in a series of conferences presented by Portable in New York City. 

The list of presenters includes the following:

Susie Bubble – Editor and owner of Style Bubble, an online commentary and presentation of women’s fashion.

Warren Fu – One of the most important music video directors working currently in addition to a creator and designer for several huge films including the newer Star Wars series and Indiana Jones.

Philippe von Borries – Founder of Refinery29, a company intersecting content creation and commerce, based around the fashion industry.

Soraya Darabi – Media maven with work including projects with The New York Times, founding Foodspotting, and sitting on the board of General Electric.

Chris Corrado – Show director for Capsule, an incredibly important fashion industry event spanning a few cities over several dates, and director of sales for BPMW Agency.

Gia Coppola – A fashion photographer and filmmaker working with the likes of Vogue Japan and Jason Schwartzman for an Opening Ceremony short.

Josh Rubin – Editor in Chief of Cool Hunting, an incredible online publication regarding literally all things cool.

Rodrigo Calvo – Head of the New York Office for Mr. & Mrs. Smith, a boutique hotel booking service.

Carrie Scott – Director of the SHOWstudio Shop, the quirky retail portion of a fashion industry film giant.

We’re very much looking forward to attending this incredible conference as well as meeting all of you there, too. Make sure to buy your tickets soon! They won’t last forever.

If you buy your tickets within the next twelve hours from the publication of this article [12pm. Central time 8/16] you can receive 50% off the face price of your admission with the code “CONFERENCE12”. This ends at midnight 8/16

We’re Expanding!

Posted on August 9, 2012

It’s official. Many of you are already aware but on Saturday morning I will be packing up the vehicle and permanently relocating from Philadelphia to Los Angeles. It’s a decision I made years ago and the timing has finally proved right for my girlfriend and I to make it our new home. The move will take a little over a week (we’re taking our time: it’s a long drive) but we’ll be up and fully operational by the end of the month. We couldn’t be more excited to explore another side of the country and bring you even more diverse programming. Steve, the ever-talented creative director of The American Classic, will still be here in Philadelphia maintaing our East Coast perspectives, so not to worry: there will still be plenty of content generated from here. This also gives us access to a whole host of cities, brands, shops, creators, innovators, and events that we were sad to be uninvolved with before.

If you’d like to follow along on the move and the cross-country road trip, you can follow me on Instagram (@alexfrankel). There will likely be a photo recap of my time traveling but more will come from Instagram that won’t make it on the website. As always, thanks for your loyal readership. See you on the West Coast!

Field Trip: Trove General Store in Paoli, PA.

Posted on July 31, 2012

Ever heard of Paoli, PA? It’s a little town on the main line heading out from Philadelphia wedged into a block of towns that overlap into each other, each one somewhat indistinguishable from the last. At least that was my impression before we spent some time chatting with Foster & Charlotte, owners of the fine Trove General Store situated right in the middle of town. Let me clarify that “town” refers to a series of shopping centers and subdivisions situated off of the main drag, Lancaster Ave. The place isn’t rural; it certainly has a suburban feel to it. But stepping inside the shop immediately lets you know that these guys mean business in selling their extremely high quality goods and you shouldn’t be alarmed by their exterior appearance.

Make no mistake, we love this shop. I’d visited before but this trip was Steve’s first time and I think he thoroughly enjoyed the space. But these goods can be purchased at a number of places (with the exception of their jeans collaboration with Tellason and iPhone case collaboration with Truman/Teranishi Handcrafted), some of which can be found within the city limits of Philadelphia. So why are these guys out here, roughly 30 minutes outside of the city? Because the people here still use the stuff the way it was meant to be used. Foster & Charlotte had a great point, and we completely agree, that most folks sporting heritage American wear don’t actually use it the way it was intended to be used. Much of their clientele uses the Pendleton blankets, the Filson coats and bags, and Red Wing Boots for work and/or manual labor, not a costumed masquerade down Walnut St. with camo-printed pink-selvedged duck cloth pants. There’s something to be said for that.

Their brand list is astounding and the product range is incredible as well. They carry everything from gardening products, home goods, and bath products to clothing, flasks, and footwear. If you want a real-deal look at some of these amazing products, hear an informed opinion, gain some perspective on using heritage products, and meet some folks who are genuinely glad to see you, take a trip out to Trove. We highly recommend it. Click below to see the entire photo set.