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New Menus

Posted on March 26, 2012

A few administrative updates; we’ve removed the links section which you’d normally find if you delved deeper into the site on the right sidebar. It didn’t seem right making people hunt for this and if they didn’t know it was there, they might never find it at all. Showcasing brands and companies we enjoy is an important part about what we do so we’ve moved it to the top menu for easy access for all.

That being said we’ve also consolidated a few menus and created some new ones. There are now some drop-down menus (*gasp* technology!) including Contact, Projects & Collaborations, and Features. You can still get to us directly by clicking on the Contact menu which will take you to the appropriate form.

The new menus are for easier access to running features or special projects we’ve worked on including all of your favorite series such as The Standard Relay or Inquiries & Responses and projects like Natural Process or Eliot & Eads.

In other news, your favorite new contributor, Steve Streisguth, has just celebrated a birthday so if you see him (or his well-written and photographed articles), give him some lovin’.

Thanks for your continued support. Just wanted to make note of the changes.

“The Flyover States” by Eliot & Eads

Posted on March 22, 2012

Eliot & Eads is a musical act based in St. Louis, MO. but in recent years has become far-flung across the nation ranging from Washington D.C. and Philadelphia to New Orleans and occasionally other locations around the country. This is the first video promoting their upcoming record, “The Flyover States”. Full disclosure here, I’m the drummer, producer of the record, and edited this video. Steve Streisguth, the newest contributor to The American Classic, graciously filmed the entire thing in the studio in West Philly (and did a bang-up job of it, I’d say). That being said, I’d certainly appreciate it if you took a look and I know the rest of the group would too. There will be one video released every week for the next month so make sure to keep your ear to the ground for more updates.

You can follow the group’s progress on Twitter, Tumblr, and their main site. In case the embedded video fails, you can navigate to the page by clicking here.

[vimeo https://vimeo.com/38957067 w=1000&h=600]

A New Voice: Steven Streisguth

Posted on February 15, 2012

Today I officially welcome Steve Streisguth as the second member of The American Classic team. I’ve known Steve for a couple of years now and have recently been using his incredible creative talents for some facet of all of the projects I’ve worked on. He’s done major work for some very big companies, worked with plenty of bands, has his own publishing imprint (Streisguth | Martin), and has most recently done all art-related things for the Natural Process denim show curated by The American Classic here in Philly. He also came up with the ingenious idea of how to mount nearly 40 pairs of jeans onto drywall without the use of studs whatsoever. The dude knows his stuff. If you enjoyed any of the photographs, posters, prints, postcards, vinyl lettering, and anything else related to the Natural Process show, you’ll certainly enjoy the things to come with Steve’s work on The American Classic. Make sure to take a look at his website and some of the other incredibly impressive projects he’s worked on. I’m very excited to have him on board and am looking forward to seeing his posts!

New Face, Better Place

Posted on January 17, 2012

As you may have noticed, the site has undergone a fairly intense redesign. I flipped the switch yesterday afternoon and am still working out kinks so bear with me for a few days. It’s tough to identify all of the problems without going through and visiting every page and every old post so if you notice something please feel free to get in touch. Currently I’m working on making as many posts optimized for the current them as I can. It’s a fairly arduous process so I’ll likely leave a few the way they are.

Anyway, I hope you like the redesign. This theme allows me to post higher quality photos and videos without you having to click on each one to enlarge. It also has quite a few details that I enjoy such as reactive resizing of text and photographs depending upon how you size your browser window. All-in-all it yields a better user experience and gives me fewer headaches so I’m happy to roll with it.

I had to relocate the link section to non-front pages of the site which feels like banishment to me but it doesn’t agree with the front page, aesthetically speaking. If you wanna’ find it, that’s where it is.

Natural Process launches today (Jan. 13th)

Posted on January 12, 2012

This is it! It’s finally here. Our show has been up as an unofficial preview for a week but tomorrow’s the real McCoy. The doors will open around 8pm to all of you coming to see it. We’ll be serving some tasty libations, provided graciously by the good folks from Art in the Age, until we run out and will be peddling some leather goods (card cases, possibly some wallets, and key fobs) at very reasonable prices until they’re sold out. There’s no price tag on anything tomorrow night except for the leather goods so come out and have yourself a swell time and save your benjamins for another day. There’s no ending time for the show so come by whenever. We’ll wrap up when we run out of people to talk to.

We received some much appreciated attention yesterday from Philadelphia Weekly magazine (in their events section) and a great writeup from Phrequency which you should absolutely read. I focus on the denim aspect of everything but they do a swell job of touching on the coffee part and why this show is called Natural Process.

We’ve got some incredible jeans that we’re really looking forward to sharing with you. Pairs from big-time musicians, goat-slaughterers, professors, baristas, Dads, denim companies, bloggers, and more. Brand representation includes A.P.C.TellasonRoy DenimNudie JeansLevi’sKicking MuleSometsRRLGap, and many more. I’d like to point out that none of these jeans are for sale. We’re returning them to their respective owners at the end of the show so come see them while you can. We really, sincerely, hope to see you there tomorrow night and can’t wait to chat you up about the show!

Hit the jump to see all of the photos.

Natural Process: Show Installation

Posted on January 9, 2012

Last night the crew installed Natural Process in Elixr Coffee here in Philly. The installation took quite a bit of time and most of the heavy work to cover two entire walls with 41 pairs of jeans was done between the hours of 2 and 3 in the morning, but it’s finished and we couldn’t be more proud of the result. If you’d like to see install photos or the show itself, follow me on Instagram (@alexfrankel). There are plenty up there and plenty more to come.

The show opens on Friday the 13th of January (this coming Friday) and runs through the middle of February. Make sure you swing by to celebrate with us this Friday as Art in the Age’s Craft Spirits (Root & Snap) and Sailor Jerry rum will be featured in several delicious cocktails graciously provided by Art in the Age. Additionally the entire curation crew (April Nett, Elysa DiMauro, Steve Streisguth, and myself) will be there to schmooze and booze you to your heart’s content.

Natural Process is being held at Elixr Coffee (207 S. 15th Street Philadelphia, PA.).

The show opens on 01/13/12 and the opening reception starts at 8pm.