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Field Trip: Berkeley Supply Co. in Denver, CO.

Posted on January 13, 2014


Every December for the past 7 years, I’ve made the pilgrimage to Steamboat Springs, CO. for some winter sports action. I like Steamboat a lot; it’s casual all of the time (read: don’t have to wear a fur coat to fit in), the mountain isn’t as miserably crowded as others, and the town has a great homey feel that some of the other ski towns lack. Every year we fly into Denver and make the 3-4 hour drive into the mountains. Every year we make the 3-4 hour drive back to Denver and fly out. I have distant family that lives in Denver and I never visit them because I’m an asshole and I really should make more time for them. This trip I did just that and had a few extra hours to kill so I swung by Berkeley Supply Co. who, like my family, I’ve been meaning to visit for a while. It was now or never so my girlfriend and I trekked over to the Tennyson district to check out the shop.



Field Trip: East & West

Posted on December 16, 2013


I had been hearing about East & West in St. Louis for a while; being from the area and still having a few friends there, they’d always tell me how I had to visit the shop next time I was in town. I went a year without going back to St. Louis so when I did around Thanksgiving, I made damn sure to check the place out. Brian Simpson runs an incredible shop, which is actually located in the Kirkwood neighborhood, just a little south and west of the city. I was blown away to find out that he carries brands like Rogue Territory, 3sixteen, Teranishi Brand, Apolis, and more. Not only are these all brands we’re huge fans of but any top level shop you’ll see in major markets carries these brands as well. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel a little hometown pride. Click here to view the interview and photos.


Field Trip: Blueprint Coffee

Posted on December 9, 2013


I worked in the specialty coffee industry for quite a long time and to finally have an article about a shop, especially one to which I have several connections, is pretty cool for me. I was visiting family in St. Louis over the Thanksgiving holiday and got the chance to visit Blueprint Coffee which was started by my friend and former bandmate Mike Marquard along with several other folks we knew from Kaldi’s Coffee and elsewhere. There’s been an influx of new coffee companies in St. Louis over the past few years; when I was getting my start, I worked for Kaldi’s and at the time they were the only show in town. Most of the new shops are fantastic and do a great job of curating a diverse coffee offering along with creating a pleasing atmosphere in which to enjoy said coffee. Blueprint, in my opinion, does this the best of all of the new shops and they roast their own coffee which gives them a massive leg up in the branding department. Some of the best coffee shops in the world sell other roasters beans but there’s something special about the shop/roaster combo that buries its way into people’s hearts. Blueprint’s clean aesthetic reminds me of some of the great shops around the country (Four Barrel, Stumptown, Intelligentsia, etc.) while pulling a color palette and geometric accents that are uniquely their own. Click here to view all images and read the interview.


Field Trip: Almond Surfboards

Posted on November 6, 2013


I took a trip down to Newport Beach, CA. to visit Almond Surfboards, nestled on the north side of Newport Bay. Moving to California has provided me with the insight that whether or not you surf, you know someone here who does and by proxy you’ll become extremely familiar with a host of brands and their product lineups that you never even knew existed before. I can’t remember specifically where or when I had heard of these guys but was thrilled when their email popped up in my inbox.

The shop itself is a beautiful space, reflecting the hard work and perseverance of a brand founded by a few young guys with a dream. Everything had a story, from the way products were displayed to the designs on the t-shirts and the art on the walls. Nothing was thrown up without care or a reason which is impressive; I’ve visited plenty of shops (most of which never made it on this site) where trinkets and props make up the majority of the space and nothing holds true value for the customer rather than the limited, precious items they have for sale. Not only does Almond maximize the small space they’re working with to display their famed surfboards perfectly but their retail display of men’s clothing shares the stage wonderfully. Even being a non-surfer, visiting this shop is completely worth it for any guy looking for some California inspired wear without feeling like a beach rat. Click here to view the rest of the article and photos.


Weekend Adventures Vol. 2: Wittmore & Self Edge

Posted on June 4, 2013


It’s getting hotter here in Los Angeles and while I’ve been cordoned mainly to the Santa Monica area for the past few weeks, there was some pretty rad stuff happening in the rest of the city that I couldn’t pass up. Kinfolk Magazine was hosting dinner parties (which I didn’t attend, sadly), plenty of great shows were happening around town, Wittmore had their popup shop near West Hollywood and it was high time to pay our friends at Self Edge a visit. I had a ratty pair of Left Field NYCs with a thinning crotch region and some nasty holes around the ankles as well as two matching blown out pockets (those bandanas don’t function nearly as spiffily as they look). Self Edge has a great deal at all locations where you bring in your wrecked (but clean) pair and for $40 flat they take care of fixing it up. I’ll report back once the repairs have been completed.

I’ve admired Wittmore’s online shop for some time as they always have a great selection of the a-typical when compared to plenty of other dude-focused web retailers. They’ve also got a great little feature that lets you search by geographic region of manufacture. Want shorts made in USA? No problem. Two clicks. Scarves made in England? Same story. It’s cool to see the similarities between products based upon region as you navigate through. It gives you a great perspective on regional manufacturing techniques and design principles. I heard they were doing their first brick-and-mortar pop-up in Los Angeles, of all places, and given that they’re headquartered in NYC, I figured the opportunity to meet and greet and check the wares in person wouldn’t present it self again soon. Click here to read the full article.


Field Trip: Rising Sun & Co.

Posted on May 20, 2013


I’ve known about Rising Sun for a surprising amount of time to have never visited them in person. I’ve spent years traveling across the country working on jobs in LA temporarily and noticed them when I used to visit friends in Pasadena and how incredible their shop looked. The American Classic wasn’t what it is now back then and I was lacking the confidence to galavant into a store, camera in tow, and start shooting. Rising Sun invited me out to their incredible workshop/retail space which has now moved to Eagle Rock, CA (not far from Pasadena and downtown Los Angeles) and I was more than happy to make the trek. Click here to read the full article.



Field Trip: Mollusk Surf Shop

Posted on April 1, 2013


I visited Mollusk Surf Shop’s Venice Beach location a few weekends ago. I don’t surf though wish I did and wasn’t nearly cool enough to be taking photos in this place (the shopkeepers were somewhat wary of my being there) but if you do in fact surf or are marginally interested in surfing culture, this place has something to offer for you. Cool clothes, awesome art books and surfing videos, surfing gear, etc. If I were to surf, this is where I’d likely outfit myself. Their original location is in San Francisco and at one point they had one in NYC, though my understanding is that the NYC location is now closed. This is a recommended stop if you’re touring the Venice Beach area. It’s an easy one-block walk off of the famed boardwalk. Click here to see all of the images.